Code of Conduct

WLSN Members

WLSN members are any Company or Companies which have applied for and been accepted as registered members and which have paid Annual Membership Fees.

Code of Conduct

WLSN membership carries responsibilities, as outlined in the WLSN By-Laws. This code provides guidance to members with respect to their WLSN membership. Compliance with these rules is obligatory in order that performance of members is consistent, professional, and efficient, and upholds the integrity of membership of a professional body such as is Worldwide Logistics Solutions Network.

WLSN Members are required to:

  • Observe the WLSN Articles;
  • Promote and further the ideals, objectives, influence, interests and standings of the WLSN;
  • Not engage in conduct or business unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the WLSN or its Members;
  • Respect and uphold the privacy and confidentiality of client/business relationships;
  • Specify a full range of services that can be offered to WLSN members;
  • Respond to WLSN member’s requests & correspondence in a professional and timely manner;
  • Mutually agree on All payment Terms between the relevant members;
  • Communicate in a Professional and Pro Active manner any Payment Disputes within 45 days to the WLSN Director, who will investigate the details and decide a resolution which must be accepted by all parties;
  • Advise the WLSN of changes of Company information such as Contact details (address, phone, fax, email, staff contact name etc.) or any other information maintained by the WLSN;
  • Pay WLSN Annual Membership Fees, Payment Protection Plan Fee, and Conference Fees in a timely manner.

WLSN Fees shall be required to be paid in US Dollars.

Late payment fee of USD 60.00 may be imposed to any member should the required payments not be received within 7 days from the Invoice Due Date. 
Should any Member fail to make full payment of their Annual Membership Fees, then the member shall be automatically excluded from WLSN.

  • Attend a WLSN Annual Conference within the first year of joining (unless prior written agreement has been made with the WLSN Board.) From the 2nd year of membership members are required to attend one conference at least every alternate year. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Network;
  • Act in a socially responsible manner while at WLSN events; and
  • Respect political, cultural and religious diversity.

In addition:

  • If a member is judged to have defaulted on a payment to a fellow member, the WLSN Board reserves the right to make notification to all WLSN members by use of the WLSN E-mail system.
  • If a member is expelled due to non-compliance with the WLSN Code of Ethics, fees will NOT be refunded.
  • Members may discontinue WLSN membership at any time; however neither full nor partial fees will be refunded.
  • All WLSN members are permitted use of the WLSN Logo; however members are not entitled to use the WLSN logo once membership is terminated.
  • The WLSN Code of Conduct may be enhanced by the WLSN Director at any time and all members will be duly informed of any changes.
  • The WLSN Board will have right to expel, suspend, cancel or terminate any member.
  • WLSN Membership will /may be terminated under the following conditions:
    • Where the WLSN Board believes the member is not able to provide /offer a service that is satisfactory to other members;
    • Where the member has stated that they are able to provide a service but which they cannot fulfil;
    • Where the member does not adhere to any part of this Code of Conduct;
    • Where a member is found to have made a fraudulent statement to WLSN.
    • Where a Notice of Resignation from a member is received by WLSN
    • At any other time at the discretion of the WLSN Board.
  • Submission to WLSN Head Office (or participation in) of any company news, photographs, videos, logos or press releases and the like, will automatically grant implied permission to WLSN Head Office for use of such material in group promotion, website or newsletter use.