About WLSN Group

Worldwide Logistics Solutions Network (WLSN) would like to introduce our exciting and vibrant networking company as a vital component to keeping your Freight Forwarding business successful and dynamic.

Collectively, our Management team has over 100 years of experience in the Freight Forwarding industry.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to facilitate and maintain a professional, pro-active Worldwide Freight Forwarding Network with trusted, reliable, informed contacts to provide solutions for the expansion, development and services of our members and their clients.

So we know just how important it is to create, maintain and develop a reliable source of worldwide contacts. Here at WLSN we like to think of our member agents as "partners" because when you can't be there yourself, the next best thing is a trusted, reliable partner in every International Port who cares just as much about your business as you do.

This saves you time, money and energy, whilst creating peace of mind for you and security, growth and wealth for your company.

Here at WLSN we believe in a lot of things. We believe that your client base needs to be as important to us as you are, so finding member partners with competitive pricing as well as fast, friendly and efficient service has to be a priority. Our network is very pro-active in our search for new members in specific destinations which require representation by our current members. Representation by WLSN Members in each country shall be restricted to two (2) Members for every International Airport and International Seaport.

We expect that our members will seek exponential growth and therefore actively participate in helping each other to find the best of the best and to be the best of the best.

Our focus is on small to medium size companies because, like multi-national corporations, we do believe the power of the group is greater than the individual, but our experience is that the attention given to the individual that creates the unity of the group. At WLSN your business can have strength and power without compromising the intimacy, local knowledge and on the spot decision making that is the specialty of small to midsize companies.

We believe not so much in exclusivity but more in flexibility, choice, range of options and opportunity for specialisation. We believe knowledge is power and the information shared through our face to face conferencing is invaluable. We believe in giving both you and your clients the best possible opportunity to develop and expand your business.

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